2011 WSOP: The Year of Brian Rast

Two known poker players, Brian Rast and Phil Hellmuth played a heads up match that has been the most memorable moment (event 55) from the 2011 WSOP. Brian Rast was playing for his 2nd bracelet this year and Hellmuth for his 12th gold bracelet after having finished 2nd twice already next year. He got another chance to have the gold bracelet. We know the outcome, Rast won the manages but it is interesting to go through what went down for the reason that final manages battle.
One from the important facts is the fact that Hellmuth pushed all-in three times with a flush draw and the hand still did not improve all thrice. The huge difference between the all-ins was the size from the chip stacks. Hellmuth started the oversees which has a small advantage: 10,015 million vs. 9,185. He was continuously winning and built a 5:1 chip lead. Then Rast doubled up twice with flush draws. These all-ins were nothing special, Rast thought he good cards, he planned to double up and Hellmuth was in an issue that they may have won the tournament straight away. The first time Rast had AdKh on the Th4h4s flop and Hellmuth was holding 9h6h. The second time the flop was KcJc4d, Rast had Ks7d and Hellmuth held Tc8c. Rast won both all-ins and begun to build his stack backup. When the final hand came he already were built with a small advantage against Hellmuth.
The last all-in was essentially the most interesting coming from all. Not because Rast won one in the most prestigious tournaments (The Poker Player’s Championship; a $50 000 buy-in event). It is worth mentioning because Hellmuth pushed all-in which has a small flush-draw and the bottom end of an straight draw. The flop was included with two diamonds: JdTs9d and Hellmuth had 8d2d. Rast bet 500 000 and Hellmuth pushed all-in regarding his huge stack (about 9 million chips). Rast developed a quick call and showed KcQc, it absolutely was the existing nuts. The turn and river were respectively the 5h as well as the 8s so Rast won the tournament.
Rast won the tournament while he could handle the changing times when he just was lacking the correct spots and cards, played his best game and would not make huge mistakes. Hellmuth made one bad play and it ended his tournament.
Rast turned the action from your 5:1 chip disadvantage. Being down a lot in chips is frustrating for some players although not for Brian Rast. He proved his great skills by winning his 2nd WSOP event this year. He confirmed again Jack Straus’s quote about “A chip along with a chair”.

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